About RODI

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Commitment to innovation and excellence

The company Albino Rodrigues da Silva & Cunhado, LDA was founded in 1952, the year in which it began its activity with the production of motorcycle parts.

Acquired in 1976 by the current administration, the company that today is recognized as RODI, traced a long path of transformation, growth, and evolution.

It was our incessant desire for creation and innovation, as well as our capacity for reinvention, which led us to experiment with new products and markets, always with a strong focus on quality, design, and functionality.

We create unique products and experiences

What defines us

From motorcycle parts to kitchen sinks and bicycle wheels, the seemingly improbable path has become the difference that defines us.

It is this resilience that best represents RODI, a company that is now a world reference in the manufacture and distribution of bicycle rims and wheels in aluminium, as well as stainless steel kitchen sinks and accessories.

RODI’s mission is to create unique products and experiences – whether it is about cycling or making your house feel like home.

What makes us different

Our Value Proposal

At RODI, we strive to provide the best experiences for our customers.

We propose to do it through the continuous improvement of our processes, products, services and human relations, based on the core values of our company, such as transparency, ambition, innovation, collaboration, resilience, solidarity, and respect for people and the environment.

  • Product quality

    • Wide range of products
    • Use of European certified raw materials only
    • Specialized workforce
    • Permanent auditing of the final product
  • Top-level service

    • Fast and effective client service
    • Reduced lead times
    • Capacity to adapt the products to the clients’ needs and market demands
  • Production capacity

    • Total control of the production process
    • Highly automated factory
    • LEAN management
  • Innovation capacity

    • In-house R&D department devoted to the development of new products and solutions
    • Regular launch of new products
    • Recognized by the most important product design awards and by leading brands
  • State of the art technology

    • Industry 4.0
    • Automated production lines that allow for a large-scale production with high-level quality and finishings