Your wheels, our passion

RODI Cycling

At RODI Cycling, we believe that the best rides are the ones we experience by bicycle. That is why we are passionate about designing and manufacturing high-quality rims and wheels that make a difference in any cyclist's adventure.

RODI Cycling is a business unit part of RODI Industries, a company operating in the field of metallurgy and metalworking.

Our field of expertise is the manufacture of high-quality specialized products, namely aluminium rims and wheels for the cycling industry.

We started as a small bike parts dealer.

Nowadays, we manufacture over 3.000.000 rims and 400.000 wheels annually and export them to several countries worldwide. 

With an experience on two wheels of more than 50 years and thanks to continuous development and investment in innovation and technology, RODI’s brand has become a reference in the national and European markets, which allowed us to bring together customers all over the world and gain the trust of the largest bicycle manufacturers.

Blackjack brand

Our search for continuous development and innovation leads us to the creation of BLACKJACK – a brand that since 2005 works daily to create bicycle wheels and rims that aim for greatness.

It all began with a serious passion for cycling and a need to help all cyclists to bring out their challenging inner selves.

We invented, created, and grew, and nowadays specialize in designing high-performance aluminium and carbon rims and wheels, suitable for any cycling adventure.

We propose to achieve that with riding performance being a priority in everything we do. 

That's why we have an experienced and passionate team who strives to create reliable, safe, and innovative solutions for your bike by focusing on quality engineering and design practices, and that aim to break boundaries and set trends.

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  • "We keep innovating and transforming our wheels and rims to give cyclists what they need and beyond."
  • For us, providing the quality and reliability of our products means combining our in-house technical procedures with the ultimate test - the winnings of our racing teams."