Our vision for the future

At RODI, we are committed to ensuring that our sustainability projects are aligned with our mission, vision for the future, and organizational culture. 

We are aware of the risks that come with our business activity, which is why we ensure compliance with a set of principles, systems, and strategies that we developed and implemented for all business units.

We aim to become the first choice in every home, in every ride, in every experience.

Management policies

We ensure ethical and responsible behaviours and actions towards all our stakeholders, aiming to create relationships of mutual respect, integrity, and collaboration:

  • Ethics and conduct code;
  • Human rights policy.

Management systems

Following a philosophy of sustainable growth, we adopt several actions to protect and preserve the environment. Our management and quality system are also certified, assuring the quality of the products we produce and the excellence in the service we grant to our clients:

  • Integrated management policy;
  • Certifications.

Management strategy

For RODI, it is essential to act on the challenges of the future, especially those related to sustainability. Consequently, RODI promotes and streamlines strategies and initiatives based on sustainability, continuous improvement and innovation. 

In the long term, RODI's strategy considers at the centre of its decisions the three axes of sustainability - economic, environmental and social - and the reinforcement of its current action plan based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Decarbonization Goals for 2050.

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